After-sales service, technology and support

Our projects are born from an active collaboration with the client. We accompany you throughout the process, offering our experience, technology and creativity to come up with a solution for all production needs.

Our machines are powerful and versatile, easy to use and high quality. We know that the best machine has to be accompanied by a quality service with quick response times. That’s why at Formex Maquinaria, we strive to offer our clients a professional and friendly service that goes beyond their initial acquisition.

We work day in and day out to always offer the best in terms of quality, technology and assistance.



    Thanks to our more than 40 years of experience in the food industry, Formex Maquinaria can provide a high quality consulting service. We offer guidance when choosing the best technology according to your production needs and the final product you want to make.



    We offer an installation and start-up service with which we accompany the client throughout the learning process for our machinery. We care deeply about providing the best services, tailored to the requirements of each user.



    Spare parts

    Formex Maquinaria offers a fast delivery and replacement service for original spare parts that will ensure the efficiency and long useful life of your machine. Our equipment is manufactured with only high-quality components to offer technologically advanced, efficient and precise machinery.



    The client will have all the documentation for their equipment, along with manuals and training modules to help you maximise the performance and productivity of your machine.



    After-sales service

    We offer a wide range of personalised after-sales service plans based on your needs with future discounts on spare parts and maintenance services. For more information and in order to choose the best after-sales service plan, please contact our offices.

Por ejemplo: cuadrado - 3x4 cm - 35 gr
Por ejemplo: bandeja 40x60 cm, 3 filas x 6 columnas | 60 x 80 cm, 5 filas x 7 columnas.