Automatic Paper Cup Machines-Dispensers

Machines that dispense paper cups, moulds or other containers onto the conveyor belt to then be filled with the product. They provide a precise positioning and centering of the mould for the dosing process. Easy to load without interrupting production. A single automatic paper cup machine can be used for several types of papers/moulds by quickly and easily interchanging the loader. If the client has or is installing an automatic dosing line, we can design the machine around the conveyor system so it is ready to be connected.

CA Automatic Paper Cup Machine

Machine suitable for when you want to stop having to transfer trays and place paper cups.

With a conveyor belt adapted to all types of trays, the “CA” can be connected perfectly to a production line. The computer incorporated into the machine is responsible for supervising all movements and functions such as:

  • Movement of cans.
  • Tray detection when placing the paper.
  • Independent conveyor function.
  • Double movement of separation and capture for a better grip on the capsule.
  • Regulation of parameters:
    • Type of aspiration.
    • Type of paper recipient.
    • Centering of trays.
    • Regulation of the speed as well as the acceleration and deceleration ramps of the motor that controls the dispensing of the paper cups.

To achieve a greater degree of automation, a tray loader module can be included. Optional. All parts of the machine that come in contact with the dough are made of materials suitable for food use and AISI304 stainless steel.


MODEL CA 40 CA 45 CA 60-65 CA 80
Tray width (cm) 40 45 60-65 85
Production Max. speed: 3.3 seconds/cycle (variable value according to paper type)
Paper cup units to be chosen
Technical characteristics may vary depending on the type of product / *Measurements without conveyor.

Automatic paper cup machine connected to a production line = higher degree of automation


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