Welcome to Formex Maquinaria S.A.

    We are specialists in:

    Machinery for bakery products
    Modular production lines
    Custom machinery
    Equipment for pizzerias


    Design and manufacture of solutions for dosing, filling and decorating bakery and other food products.

    Formex Maquinaria is a leader in the design and manufacture of doser machines, fillers and other equipment for bakeries, pastry shops and food manufacturers all over the world.We offer solutions in dosing processes for dense and semi-dense dough, filled dough, dough mixed with solid particles, liquid dough, viscous dough and other various preparations.

    Our highly reliable and versatile machinesare designed to help your business achieve maximum performance, whatever its volume of production. They are great for applications like muffins, cupcakes, assorted biscuits, cookies, cakes, filled chocolates, salads, dressings, quiches, yoghurt, prepared meals, sauces and much more.

    An important part of our work consists in helping small and medium-sized manufacturers to improve productivity in their traditional manufacturing processes.To do so, we manufacture a wide range of automatic and semi-automatic machines adapted to the characteristics and needs of these companies.

    We can help streamline production operations by providing solutions for higher performance, greater precision and better product consistency.

    We are specialists in the design and implementation of production linesfor the efficient and high-volume processing of baked goods, dairy products, desserts and precooked foods. By studying your product and the desired production, we can create a workstation suitable for your needs.

    The company’s philosophy is based on a personalised and flexible service that is adapted to the specific needs of each client, searching for new ideas and efficient solutions that also increase production yields.