Complete lines and turnkey solutions for the food industry.


Development, design and installation of a muffin factory.


  • CA60 Paper Cup Machine
  • DA 60 Doser Machine
  • Rotary Oven
  • Flour Sieve
  • Egg Centrifuge Machine
  • Mixer
  • Trolleys and Trays
  • Bowl Lift
  • Packing Machine

Bakery product factory

Complete assembly of a bakery product factory that manufactures muffins, rectangular pound cakes, square shortbread, sponge cakes and cupcakes.

Composed of a double production line: Modular line with 2 Paper Cup Machines_CA -one with 7 dosers and the other with 6 dosers- a Muffin Doser Machine_MA65, and 2 Seed Doser Machines. A 350 L mixer and a double Doser Machine_MA were also installed to make dough with two colours such as sponge cakes. For a production of 5500-7000 u/h depending on the product.

Bakery product factory
  • Tray Loader
  • Paper Cup Machine
  • Bowl Lift
  • Doser Machine
  • Injector Machine