DAS+ donut filling machine

Customer needed to dose doughnut mass into silicone moulds of specific sizes. Before having the machine, the dosing process was manual, which entailed numerous inconveniences such as: slow production, higher probability of dripping and staining the trays, irregular dosage and poor ergonomics at the work station.

The characteristic of the product, a doughnut with a hole in the centre, required a dosage distributed in the mould and not centred as is usually the case. Starting from a standard model such as our DAS Automatic Dosing Machine, certain components are designed to be adapted to the needs of the product and the container:

  • The dosing nozzles are adapted to the size of the tray so that all six nozzles on the tray are dosed at each stop.
  • Smooth conveyor belt on which to manually place the silicone trays.
  • The belt must be kept clean during production, so a scraper is included at the end of the belt to clean any remaining dough.

The machine has been designed in such a way that the operator places the trays at the beginning of the conveyor, where some guides have just placed the tray in its correct position, and picks them up full at the other end of the conveyor. The tank has six dispensing nozzles, arranged according to the size of the tray, and each nozzle has a shower-shaped adapter, so that the dose is distributed in the mould.

Thanks to the installation of the machine we obtain the following improvements:

  • Speed and increase of production, up to six times more.
  • Uniformity in the dosage.
  • Quick and easy cleaning thanks to the scraper and the removable head for complete cleaning and disinfection. We also avoid the staining of the trays and their subsequent cleaning.
  • Operator ergonomics.

For more info see Doser DA/DA+