Dosing machine attached to a production line to make sponge cake MAS

Machine that doses sponge cake slabs continuously and is coupled to a production line.

This machine model, MAS+, is a made-to-measure design, based on the standard MAS model, adapted to the product dosing needs.

Continuous dosing as the belt advances.
Manual adjustment of the dosing head height, which lowers automatically for each dose.
Conveyor speeds adjustable by screen.
The dosing control is managed through a SERVOMOTOR system that gives the machine greater speed, smoothness and precision to work with a wide variety of densities.
Thanks to the servomotor the user can control the dosage quantity electronically as well as loading and/or unloading speeds.
Anti-drip movement by suction of the product.
All this with great precision and with the facility to pre-record these parameters in more than 100 recipes.
For more information about dosing machines see MA/MAS solid dosing machines.