Dosing machine for chocolate MAS

  • Dosificadora chocolate calefactor MASB


The customer, an artisan confectioner, wants to make new products and start marketing chocolate bars under his brand, so in order to meet the desired production he needed to add to his production line an automatic chocolate dosing machine that would adapt to the measurements of his product.


Whenever chocolate has to be dosed, the challenge lies in designing a system in which the chocolate remains hot for correct dosing, and to avoid air bubbles appearing after dosing. On this occasion, the design also has to be adapted to the specific dimensions of the product.


The solution proposed by Formex is that of an MAS automatic dosing machine with some changes and additions to meet the requirements.

The conveyor is specially adapted to the dimensions of the tray where the chocolate is to be dosed, with a tray loader at the beginning to avoid the operator having to constantly add trays to the belt, and a vibrator at the end that shakes the tray with the chocolate to avoid any possible bubbles that may have originated in the product when dosing.

The body and dosing tank are covered by a heated urn that allows the whole unit to maintain a stable temperature of no more than 50ºC, so that the chocolate can be dosed smoothly and without forcing the machine.

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