Dosing machine for rice pudding and custard MAS


The customer needed to dose two different products in moulds of different diameters placed in a tray.
Subsequently, the tray will go through a cooling tunnel and then the mould will be filled.
Previously the dosing was done manually. Manual filling is: slow, non-uniform, heavy for the arm and wrist of the worker, causing injuries. In some occasions, dripping was produced on the edge of the mould.


Hot rice pudding at 70-80 ºC (liquid with solids).

Custard at 70-80 ºC.

Neither of the two products can drip after dosing so as not to soil the edge of the container.


Dosing machine -MAS- with conveyor for trays with 4 outlets.

Option of cancelling each of the outlets as required.
Possibility of modifying the distance between centres to adapt to the mould.
Nozzle with anti-drip system.
Improved dosing, production and optimisation.
With the MAS dosing machine, the operator places the tray with moulds at the beginning of the conveyor and picks it up full at the end.
Better ergonomics for the operator.
Faster and more uniform production.
Easy product changeover.
Removable head for complete cleaning and disinfection.

For more info see MA/MAS solid dosing machines