Doser machines for soft or semi-soft dough with incorporated solids

Machines suitable for dosing soft or semi-soft dough that incorporates solid pieces such as: raisins, pieces of chocolate, almonds, lemon, rice, pine nuts, candied fruit and nuts, with an approximate diameter of 15 mm. Allows you to work with a wide range of dough viscosities. Perfect for medium and large productions, depending on the bakery’s degree of automation.

MA Automatic Doser Machine

Dose different densities of dough with/without solid particles incorporated as muffins, brownies and other products. For medium and large productions.

Other dosers with solid particles

Bonbon dosing machine – MAB

Dosing machine for small doses suitable for the production of chocolates. It can dose: Bonbon, Liqueur Bonbon and Praline Bonbon.

DPV/DPVS Multipurpose Depositor Machines

Very versatile machines that can dose and inject many types of dough with solid particles.


Production lines for bakery products with soft or semi-soft dough that incorporate solid pieces. Workstations created using several machine models such as CA-Paper Cup Machines, MA-Doser Machines and Topping units. They attach to ovens, fryers or packaging machines, and complete the machinery needed to set up a factory of bakery products or similar products. High degree of automation in the bakery for large productions.