Soft or semi-soft dough doser machines as cupcakes

Doser machines for the production of cakes, sponge cakes and other recipes with liquid, soft or semi-soft dough. Perfect for medium and large productions, depending on the bakery’s degree of automation.

DA Automatic Doser Machine

Machine for dosing cupcakes, custards and other baked goods, dairy products and precooked foods. For medium and large productions, 170-230 trays/hour, approx. Fully automatic: forward movement of trays, positioning for filling and exit of the trays upon completion. The volumetric dosing of the product is exact and guarantees the same amount of product in all the doser nozzles.

DA+ Doser Machines

The DA Doser Machine can be custom configured as DA+: Number of nozzles and distance between them, special nozzles, custom width of trays, heated hoppers. The nozzles, trays or hopper can be adapted to the needs of the product to be dosed.

Semi-Automatic Doser Machine

For the manufacture of muffins, sponge cakes and other recipes with soft or semi-soft dough. Ideal machine for a production of 50 to 200 kg/day.

Doser machines integrated into the production line = higher degree of automation

Modular production lines for making soft or semi-soft bakery products. Workstations set up with various models of machines such as the CA-Paper Cup Machines, DA-Doser Machines and Topping units. Attached to ovens, fryers or packaging machines, they complete the machinery needed to set up a factory of bakery products or the like. High degree of automation in the bakery for large productions.