Bonbon, truffle and chocolate filling machine

Servomotorised bonbon dosing machine for the dosing and filling of truffles, different formats of bonbons and chocolates. The chocolate can be filled with solid particles up to 3mm in size. Production: 8,000 u/hour.

Tomato sauce dosing machine with oregano sprinkles MA

Dosing machine to dose and spread tomato sauce on the base of pizzas. With oregano spreader.

Dosificadora chocolate calefactor MASB

Dosing machine for chocolate MAS

Machine that doses tempered chocolate into moulds for chocolate bars.


Dosing machine attached to a cutting table MAS

Dosing machine with suspended head to be placed on a conveyor belt.

MAST cake dosing machine

Cake dispenser with or without solids. It doses several moulds at the same time in doses from 100 to 1,500 cc, it can work with delicate and varied masses giving an exact dose of the product.

Dosing machine for two-colour dough MAS

For dosing cupcakes, muffins and other products with two colours. The tank is separated in two, so that each product is poured into the middle of the tank. The outlet nozzles are off-centre so that the dosing point can be adjusted.