Dosificadora donut DAS

Donut filling machine – DAS

For dosing doughnut dough in silicone moulds.
The characteristics of the product require a dosage distributed in the mould.


Filling machine with folding conveyor – DA

Dosing machine adapted to small spaces where one of the ends of the conveyor is foldable.


Doser with multi tray adapter – DA

Doser with adapter for dispensing product in different tray sizes.

Doser machine DA / DA+

Suitable for making cakes and sponge cakes, as well as other products with soft or semi-soft dough. For medium and large productions, depending of the bakery automation degree.

DS Semi-Automatic Doser Machine

Suitable for making muffins, cakes, sponge cakes and other recipes with soft or semi-soft dough. Ideal machine for a production of 50 to 200 kg/day.