1972-2022: Formex 50th anniversary

In June 2022 Formex Machinery 🎂 turned 50 years old. How time goes by, doesn’t it? 50 years is a long time.

Searching through the boot of memories, looking at photos, old documents, recalling anecdotes… everything has made us understand that the future lies in our past, that the illusion is the same as the first day and that hard and honest work has led us to what we are today.

50 years adding up and providing solutions, by and for the food sector and its business network.

New challenges await us, and we are ready for them.

The only thing left for us to do is say thank you.

Thanks to our customers, distributors, suppliers, friends, collaborators, institutions, the sector and all those who know us for allowing us to be part of history. ❤️

We are celebrating!

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50 years in figures


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product tests that
then we ate 😜


countries visited




(some lost)


“Walking down a street in San Juan de los Lagos, a family mistook me as the bishop of Aguascalientes, José María de la Torre Martín, and asked me to bless their young son”.

During the installation of a machine in a large company, the boss comes and says to the person in charge of maintenance: “Murphy is not here today, is he?” and the employee says “No, I kicked him in the balls”.

“Until the chaplain came to bless the machine, we couldn’t start it up”