Machine for dosing and shaping biscuits, cookies and products made of dense, semi-dense or liquid dough.



  • Excels in the areas of speed, precision and ease of operation.
  • Quick and easy to change over the different accessories to work with multiple products.
  • Made of AISI304 stainless steel and materials suitable for processing food products.
  • For manual or semi-automatic productions or those with a higher degree of automation, as it can be attached to a conveyor belt or production line.
  • The standard machine is a tabletop machine and comes with:
    • Rotating nozzle holder to choose between:
      • 6 outlets, 63 mm distance between the centres.
      • 5 outlets, 77.5 mm distance between the centres.
      • 4 outlets, 98 mm distance between the centres.
    • Set of round tip nozzles, 10 mm diameter.
    • Set of Wilton nozzles, 10 mm diameter, 8 tips.
    • Mould holder for wire cutting.