Mechanical gas oven

Fast temperature rise, good baking times and competitive running costs.

These ovens have been designed for crispy pizza, fast temperature rise, excellent baking times, irrelevant temperature drop, competitive management costs and, when operating at full speed, low energy consumption; all this thanks to perfect insulation.

  • They are single-chamber, in steel, with a double glass door. They can be superimposed. All gas ovens are equipped with a chimney and its extension; the anti-wind chimney (draught switch) is compulsory for the connection to the Gas 9 oven barrel.
  • The chamber is a multiple of 35 cm, has a light, double in the deepest model, 20 mm thick bricks on the cooking surface, a perforated ceiling with radiator effect for uniform cooking, two side deflectors for internal routing of combustion fumes, a perforated bottom for air inflow and a bottom panel with side holes for secondary air inflow from the sides.
  • The safety thermostat above the electrical system cuts off the gas supply in the event of abnormal overheating of the cooking chamber.
  • Ignition and flame control are by means of two ignition electrodes and one flame detection electrode.
  • LThe plug is protected by a protective fuse.
  • The gas supply and regulation is by means of a primary air ring injector.
  • The burner, atmospheric, multi-amplified, is facilitated by the secondary air flow holes and by two exhaust channels for the combustion gases.
  • The power supply is single-phase 230 Volts, 50-60 Hz.
  • Available accessories: stainless steel hoods, supports and furniture.

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Ext. dimensions WxDxH (cm) 112x128x47 108x159x47 143x160x47
Int. dimensions WxDxH (cm) 70X70X15 70X105X15 105X105X15
Weight (Kg) 132 164 196
Pizza Capacity (Ø 33 cm) 4 6 9
Max. temperature Cº 320
Power / Power consumption (KW-Kcal.) 14 – 12.037 20 – 17.196 29 – 24.934
Gas consumption (liquid/natural) 0,94/1,21 1,58/2,12 2,12/2,85