IA / IAS Automatic Injector

Machine for automatically injecting high-viscosity liquids with a high percentage of sugar such as chocolate or jam into the already cooked product.



  • Suitable for the fast and precise injection of fillings, flavoured syrups and highly viscous liquids into the product made on the same baking tray, avoiding any unnecessary handling of the product.
  • The volumetric depositing isexact and guarantees the same amount of product is deposited in all injection needles.
  • It excels in the areas of speed, precision and ease of operation.
  • Flexible and expandable.
  • Homogeneous injection.
  • Quick and easy change of the different accessories for multi-product work.
  • Made of AISI304 stainless steel and materials suitable for the processing of food products.
  • For semi-automatic productions and/or those with a higher degree of automation, since it can be attached to a conveyor belt or production line.