Injector machines for filling bakery products

Injector machines for filling bakery products with cream, chocolate, jam, etc. Available in different models according to production. For small productions, machines such as the IS-Semi-Automatic Injector Machine, the DPV-Multipurpose Doser Machine or the Tabletop Injector Machines are suitable. The IA-Automatic Injector Machine offers a greater range of production and versatility when it comes to the type of product. It is perfect for attaching to a production line.

IA Automatic Injector Machine


Machine for automatically injecting highviscosity liquids with a high percentage of sugar such as chocolate or jam into the already cooked product. For medium and large productions, 170-230 trays/h, approx. Fully automatic: forward movement of the trays, positioning for filling and exit of the trays upon completion. The volumetric dosing of the product is exact and guarantees the same amount of product in all injection needles.

IA+ Injector Machines

The -IA- Injector Machine can be customised: Number of injection nozzles and distance between them, special injection needles, width of trays on request. The nozzles, trays or hopper can be adapted to the needs of the product to be injected.

Injector machines for small and medium-sized productions

IS – Semiautomatic Injector

Semiautomatic Injector for medium and small productions, 50-150 kg.

Table-top injection machines

Table-top injection machines for small productions.