Semiautomatic Injector – IS

For medium and small productions, 50-150 kg.

It allows fillings of

chocolate, jam, dulce de leche, etc. to be injected into cakes or muffins on the same baking tray

Each time we press down on the pneumatic pedal, 5 muffins are effortlessly injected, with the machine performing a complete filling cycle.
Manual movement of the tray.
Different diameters of needles or injectors.
Cleaning button.
Easily adjustable, precise volumetric dosing.
Robust, built to work 24/7.
All parts of the machine that come in contact with the dough are made of materials suitable for food use and AISI304 stainless steel.

                                                                                            TECHNICAL DATA SHEET
Is 40 Is 45
Tray width (cm) 40 45
Maximum speed (trays/hour) 100-150 100-150
Injector nozzles 4-5 4-5
Dough regulation (c.c.) desde 3 a 45
Hopper capacity (L) 40 40
Measurements WxDxH (cm) 100x63x135 100x68x135
Weight (Kg) 90 90
Motor (Kw) Neumática Pneumatic
Air consumptio (L/min) 70 70
Pressure (Bar) 6 6