MAST cake dosing machine

For dosing cakes with/without solids, in moulds of different shapes and sizes.

Dosing machine for cakes with or without solids. Doses several moulds at the same time in doses ranging from 100 to 1,500 cc, can work with delicate and varied doughs, giving an exact dose of the product.
The machine can optionally have two tanks to work with 2 different masses at the same time (such as marble cakes) or adapt a nut dispenser or other cake finish.

  • Dosing capacity from 100 to 1.500 cc.
  • Variable production depending on the number of heads.
  • Standard tank capacity: 80 l.
  • Measurements: width 250 x depth 70 x height 170 cm.
  • Weight: 185 kg.
  • Electro-pneumatic operation.
  • Voltage: 220 V.

It is an automatic muffin dispenser MA equipped with a servomotor, adapted for the dispensing of dough for cakes. The conveyor is special with 4 belts adapted for the transport of two cake moulds in parallel and the machine head has 4 nozzles (two per mould). The dosage is volumetric and from the screen you can set the number of doses to be made for each stop, in case you need more doses to fill the mould.