Production line for making almond cookies


The client makes an elongated cookie by hand from a spongy dough and decorates it with almond shavings on the surface. The tray measures 450×900 mm and they have to place 7 cookies horizontally in each row. The cookie expands in the oven.


Previously, the dosing was done manually. Manual filling is: slow, not uniform, tough on the worker’s arm and wrist, causing injury. 3 people were needed: – One to prepare the trays on the table and fill the pastry bag. – One to make the cookies. – One to add the almonds and remove the excess almonds.


With the GTF + DAT modular line, the operator places the tray with moulds at the beginning of the conveyor belt and collects it when full at the end, recovers the excess almonds that haven’t stuck to the cookie and places it on the baking trolley.

  • Improvements in dosing, uniform parts, quicker manufacturing.
  • The dough isn’t degassed.
  • Option to change over the mould to make products with a different number of fixed or rotating nozzles; round tip or Wilton nozzles.
  • Option to manufacture other types of products in semi-liquid or hard dough.
  • Greater ergonomics for the operator.
  • Removable head that allows for its complete cleaning and disinfection.
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