Production line for making Flans.


Development, design and production of a Flan line with the automation of the following processes: Placement of the Flan cup on the trays, depositing of the caramel filling, cooling zone, depositing of the custard and heat sealing of the lid. The product is ready to then be packed and refrigerated. This modular line for Flans is tailor made according to the needs and requirements of the client.


There are several points that posed a challenge, since several different stations were required to carry out the entire process. For example, having to deposit the caramel filling poses the challenge of having to adapt the depositor machine to materials and processes that withstand high temperatures, necessary for the correct depositing of the product. Next, a process to cool the caramel is required, prior to the final depositing of the custard.


The solution provided by Formex is that of a production line with the following stations:

  • Tray loader, with trays that are tailor made for the client’s containers, and which must be placed manually.
  • Paper Cup Machine-Dispenser, which places the cups in the different positions on the tray.
  • Caramel depositor machine, with a hopper that is heated by resistors. Nozzles and depositing system suitable for dispensing the product at 170°C.
  • Cooling tunnel, made up of several fans to cool down the freshly deposited caramel filling.
  • Standard DA Depositor Machine, with which we deposit the custard onto the already cooled caramel.
  • Heat-sealing unit, where a lid is placed on the Flan and is sealed with heat. For this station, we have collaborated with a company specialising in this type of process.

For more info, see Modular Lines.