How to increase efficiency on your production lines by integrating collaborative robots

Theimplementation of robotics in manufacturing processes is an essential requirement to gain competitiveness and efficiency.

Investing in collaborative robots will allow you to reap the benefits of their built-in safety features toimprove productivity by working alongside humans.

Collaborative robotics allows humans to spend their hours on tasks that add value to the product, freeing them from monotonous tasks to focus on more complex work.

Robots can do those jobs that, because they are heavy or monotonous, are not suitable to be carried out by operators, allowing them to do jobs with greater added value.

There are endless applications that robots can perform on a work line, helping us to be much more productive:

  • Feeding and positioning of trays/bins on the conveyor belt or machinery.
  • Decoration of the finished product.
  • Taking away the product for subsequent packaging.
  • Versatility and flexibility when it comes to changing formats and even tasks to cover a wider range of production.