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Wire cutting shapping machine TF mini

Ideal machine for the production of hard dough products by wire cutting. It can cut
biscuits up to a diameter of 12cm.

Dosificadora de bombones MAB

Bonbon dosing machine – MAB

Dosing machine for small doses suitable for the production of chocolates. It can dose: Bonbon, Liqueur Bonbon and Praline Bonbon.

Tomato sauce dosing machine with oregano sprinkles MA

Dosing machine to dose and spread tomato sauce on the base of pizzas. With oregano spreader.

Inyectadora con boquilla triple para rellenar croissants con chocolate IA

Injects tempered chocolate into the croissants. With three nozzle needles for better distribution of the chocolate.

Injector machine for panettone IA

Injects tempered dulce de leche into panettone. Disc-shaped needle outlet.

Dosificadora chocolate calefactor MASB

Dosing machine for chocolate MAS

Machine that doses tempered chocolate into moulds for chocolate bars.

IS – Semiautomatic Injector

Semiautomatic Injector for medium and small productions, 50-150 kg.

Dosificadora donut DAS

Donut filling machine – DAS

For dosing doughnut dough in silicone moulds.
The characteristics of the product require a dosage distributed in the mould.


Filling machine with folding conveyor – DA

Dosing machine adapted to small spaces where one of the ends of the conveyor is foldable.


Dosing machine attached to a cutting table MAS

Dosing machine with suspended head to be placed on a conveyor belt.