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Dosificadora donut DAS

Donut filling machine – DAS

For dosing doughnut dough in silicone moulds.
The characteristics of the product require a dosage distributed in the mould.


Filling machine with folding conveyor – DA

Dosing machine adapted to small spaces where one of the ends of the conveyor is foldable.


Dosing machine attached to a cutting table MAS

Dosing machine with suspended head to be placed on a conveyor belt.

MAST cake dosing machine

Cake dispenser with or without solids. It doses several moulds at the same time in doses from 100 to 1,500 cc, it can work with delicate and varied masses giving an exact dose of the product.


Doser with multi tray adapter – DA

Doser with adapter for dispensing product in different tray sizes.

Dosing machine for two-colour dough MAS

For dosing cupcakes, muffins and other products with two colours. The tank is separated in two, so that each product is poured into the middle of the tank. The outlet nozzles are off-centre so that the dosing point can be adjusted.


To dose wtih pieces of solids MA/MAS

For dosing soft or semi-soft dough, which incorporate pieces of solids. For medium and large productions, depending of the bakery automation degree.

Doser machine DA / DA+

Suitable for making cakes and sponge cakes, as well as other products with soft or semi-soft dough. For medium and large productions, depending of the bakery automation degree.

DS Semi-Automatic Doser Machine

Suitable for making muffins, cakes, sponge cakes and other recipes with soft or semi-soft dough. Ideal machine for a production of 50 to 200 kg/day.


DPV/DPVS Multipurpose Depositor Machines

Very versatile machines that can dose and inject many types of dough with solid particles.