Tomato dosing machine attached to a pizza production line DAS+


A manufacturer of laminated dough for pizzas needed to incorporate a tomato sauce dosing machine into their production line. Subsequently, the pizzas will pass through a tunnel oven.


Sieved tomato sauce.


  • The conveyor belt of the line works continuously, it cannot stop for dosing, so it must be done in a very short time (fractions of a second).
  • The sauce must be spread over the entire surface of the pizza except for the edges.
  • The belt width has a capacity of 4 pizzas.
  • The customer will produce four different diameters of pizza.
  • The product must not drip as this would stain the conveyor belt.
  • Option to individually override each of the heads.


DAS+ dosing machine with 4 dosing heads with shower shape.

  • Different programmes depending on the product.
  • Possibility of modifying, by means of a touch screen, the quantity of doses, dosing speed and loading speed.
  • Nozzles with anti-drip system.
  • Self-cleaning system for the dosing heads.
  • Quick change of format according to pizza diameter of 8″, 10″, 11″ and 13″.
  • All the elements in contact with the tomato sauce (plates, nozzles, pistons and tank) are easily removable for cleaning.
For more info see Doser DA/DA+