TF Cookie Making Machine

Ideal machine for making wire-cut products with hard dough. It can cut cookies with a diameter of up to 6 cm. With the TF it is possible to make:

butter cookies, almond dough, assorted biscuits, homemade cookies, Spanish polvorones, “perrunillas”, lard shortbread, etc.

Height-adjustable table by means of an outer handwheel. A strip with moulds to choose from (more moulds on request). The HMI interface built into the machine is responsible for supervising all movements and all functions:

  • Movement of the belt.
  • Dosing speed.
  • Product quantity.
  • Number of rows per tray.
  • Distance between products.
  • Dosing of elongated products.
  • Dosing of fixed products.
  • Movement of the belt.
TF 40TF45TF 60
Average production (cycles/min.)464646
Number of programmes202020
Tray width (cm)404560
Hopper capacity (L)394458
Pieces per strip3-83-84-10
Measurements WxDxH (cm)170x97x14070x102x140170x117x140
Weight (kg)170185205
Strip with moulds in the shape ofTo chooseTo chooseTo choose
Motor (kw) – 220 V Single phase.3 motors of 0.37/0.18/0.12