Wire cutting shapping machine TF mini

Compact and functional machine for forming pastry and confectionery products into a wide variety of shapes.

Ideal for processing products up to 120 mm in diameter.

The machine adapts to a wide variety of mixtures of different textures, consistencies and with solids in the mixture (chocolate chip, nuts, etc.).

With the help of the wire scraper in the drum, the formed product is gently deposited on the conveyor.
An operator picks it up and places it on the oven tray.

Interchangeability of drums of different sizes and shapes adds to production versatility.

TF MINI 1+1: Double drum 1+1. Pieces up to 120 mm Ø.

TF MINI 2+2: Double drum 2+2. Pieces up to 55 mm Ø.


•Output: up to 4400 units/hour with variable speed drive.

Double forming drum. Eject 1 or 2 piece every half turn (180º).

Workpiece thickness adjustable from 4 to 24 mm.

• Single-phase motor 1HP 230V 50Hz (consumption 3.3 Amp.)

•Operation: automatic or manual with foot pedal.

• Hopper capacity: 25 litres / 15Kg (optional 45 lt. / 25Kg).

• Automatic paper dispenser (optional).

• Pneumatic ejector wire cleaner (optional).

• 750 mm conveyor belt.

• Unit dimensions: 70 x 60 x 64 cm (Net weight: 95 kg).