• Automatic Filling Machine 1988

  • Automatic filling machine 1998

  • Automatic filling machine 2008

  • Prototype paper-cup machine 1984

  • Paper-cup machine 2012

We specialize in:

Bakery equipment
Modular production lines
Tailored machinery
Pizzeria equipment

Welcome to Formex Maquinaria S.A.

    • Formex Maquinaria S.A. is a company with a long family tradition dedicated to manufacture machinery Bakery and Pastry Industry.
    • We deliver the solution to fill any dough or to make any pastry based product. We are specialists of Production Lines to Fillings, Equipment for Industrial Bakeries and Food Industry activity.
    • Our wide range of products make easier the work to the professional. We make machines as the FillingCupcakes and Muffins Machines, Injectors, Cookies machines or the Modular Production lines for bakery products.
    • Formex machinery is designed to make the most of your business regardless of their volume. From an oven until a complete factory to manufacture muffins or cupcakes.
    • Very much appreciated the quality of our products and customer service, which translates into very profitable machinery and good after-sales service.
    • We have our own design department wich is able to bring fresh ideas to current products and create new products, new forms and models. This allows us to find the best solution to customers.
    • Our philosophy is based on personalized attention to customer and advising. We are always looking for the best solutions for any particular case.