Filling machine for small doses suitable for chocolat production. It can dose: bonbon, liqueur lled bonbon, and bonbon praline. In the latter case the particles may reach up to 3 mm in diameter always depending on the density of particle concentration in chocolate.

The dosing zone, both tank and dosing nozzles, is heated by an electric heater, to facilitate the chocolate hot dosing at an adjustable temperature, ensuring an ideal product condition. Volumetric dosing.

The conveyor belt makes a small vibration movement when the product comes out to take the air bubbles out from the dough. Individual pistons, one for each nozzle, ensuring greater accuracy. Provided with a safety lid to keep the dose zone warm. Removable tank which facilitate cleaning services. Also could be interchangeable.

Tray loader and topping unit optional.

Built with materials suitable to work with food.
As the MA machine, MAB can be server with servomotor for an electronic control of the dose.

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  • Weight: 180Kg.
  • Tank capacity: 27 L.
  • Production: 9.600 bonbons/hour (variable according to number of pistons).
  • Dose regulation: 2 to 17cc (15mm piston diameter).Power: 220v. singlephase.
  • Electrical consumption: 2 Kw – Pneumatic work, needs air compresser.
  • Air consumption: 190 lt/min.
  • Pressure: 6 Bar
  • Tray sizes on request.
  • Features MABS:
    • Dose regulation: 2 to 13cc (15mm piston diameter).Electrical consumption: 2,75 Kw
    • Air consumption: 50 lt/min.