Gas ovens


Rapid temperature rising, baking time and competitive working cost. These ovens were engineered for a crunching pizza, a quick temperature rising, with ideal baking time, insignificant temperature dropping, competitive working costs and, once working at its peak performance rate, low energy consumption; all thanks to its perfect insulation.

  • They have stainless steel front and stainless steel glass doors, they are single-chamber. All Gas ovens will be delivered together with exhauster-conveyor and its extension; the wind tight vent (draught switch) is compulsory for the connection to the flue for the model Gas 9.
  •  The chamber is 35 cm multiple, it has a light, double light set in the deeper model, 20 mm thick bottom refractory stones, drilled ceiling with radiator effect for baking uniformity, two side deflectors for the burned fumes in-conveyance, drilled end plate for air inflow and an end panel with side holes for the secondary air inflow from the sides.
  • The safety thermostat located upstream from the electric circuit cuts the gas supply in case of anomalous baking chamber overheating.
  • The flame ignition and control take place with two ignition electrodes and one for flame detection.
  • The card is protected by a protecting fuse.
  • The ignition and the gas setting are done with a primary air bush injector.
  • The atmospheric multi-branch burner is helped by secondary air inflow holes and by two burned-gas escape conducts.
  • The electric supply is single phase 230 Volts, 50-60 H
  • Accessories available: Stainless steel hoods, stands and cupboards.

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