• SOLID STRUCTURES, FUNCTIONAL, COMPACT DIMENSIONS and with a REFINED DESIGN, ovens that have evolved over time thanks to new technologies that have allowed to us to reach optimal efficiencies.
  • Available in both COMBUSTION (gas, lpg,gasoil) and ELECTRIC version
  • Standard : upper HOOK turning system
  • Standard : DIGITAL panel with LCD screen and LED display, 30 programs
  • Standard : HOOD with extractor
  • Standard : double glass door and opening 180° (ideal for narrow places)
  • Standard : exclusive STEAM GENERATOR (patented) for massive productions with very fast recovery time
  • Combustion ovens for installations in line (rear access to the burner)
  • ON REQUEST : ELECTROMECHANICAL panel, MULTI-PHASES DIGITAL panel with 199 programs, time/temperature display on the hood, turntable, motorized automatic rack lifter, powered heating elements, 2 speed baking fan, stainless steel outer panels, inverted version (burner/resistances access on the right side), burner, racks and trays.

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Características Técnicas
G72 G89G108G128
Ø rotation (cm)7289108 128
Trays (cm)40 X 60 46 X 76 60 X 9080 X 100
High (cm)200220220 220
Wide (cm)100 116 143169
Prof (cm)142 162 197 223
Models with burner323944
Power (Kcal/h)40.00050.00070.00090.000
Power (Kw)1,51,52,33
Electric models47 x 59 x 8347 x 59 x 8355 x 67 x 8955 x 67 x 89
Power (Kw)23,531,8 48,362