Working lines for muffins and cupcakes

Modular Production Lines

Multiple nozzle options to dose


Conveyor belt


Paper Cup Unit, to work with different cups or moulds



Muffins Filling Machine, this is a MA model



Topping unit, this one is a seeds dispenser



Working line for muffins and cupcakes

To make: Muffins, Brownies, Pan- quecitos, Plum Cake, Cup Cakes, Panques, Pie, Salad Pie, Quiche, Sauces, Soups…

  • LM 40 | LM 45 | LM 60

  • Interfaz HMI

  • Cargador de Bandejas (opcional)

  • Capsulado

  • Dosificado con sólidos


The Modular Lines or production lines allow the user to create the workstation to develop the product with minimal handling.

Designed to work with a wide range of dough densities, which results in a great variety of nal products that can be produced.

Working lines involve a range of machines ready to fulfill in a flexible way your requirements. Mono-production or multi-production, mid-range or industrial, depends on your needs.

Studying your product and the desired production we can create a line of production appropriate to your necessities. The settings are very versatile, allowing you to expand the line of work to increase production and diversify product.

Download LM.pdf   |  LM_eng.pdf  | LM_fr.pdf

 The technical specifications vary depending on the modules and the final configuration of the line, see custom budget to know the details of your desired line.

Flexible and Modular Design

Formex Modular Lines offer a flexible and modular system, always combining the best quality with an optimum capacity, fast product changes, low maintenance and excellent hygienic characteristics. Our standards incorporate innovative technology and the use of high quality materials that make Modular Lines an investment that offers the best value for money and the best investment performance.

A series of details can be customized such as tanks that can be heated or large volume. Capsules are adapted for silicone molds, paper or different types of trays. The dosage can be adapted to large volumes, for liquid or dense doughs and for products with solids of different calibers.

The possible configurations are endless.
It is possible to create several lines of work, according to the diversity of components required by the product, to join them through conveyor belts, to attach them to tunnel ovens, fryers or packaging machines.

In short, we created the working line adjusted to your product needs.


    For flat trays, die-cut trays, paper trays, etc.


    Adaptable to the type of capsule or mould required. (for more information see CA Machine )

  • 3) DUMPED

    A bowl elevator, fixed or mobile, helps the dough overturning in the tank dosing machine


    According to the product another type of dosing machines are required:

    For the preparation of Flans, a DA Filling Machine is required.

    If we want to make biscuits, a TF Biscuits Machine will be necessary.


    A really versatile and flexible machine so you can configure different components according to the characteristics of the product to be dosed. Heated tanks, multiple types of trays, nozzles, etc. To dose different doughs densities with or without solid particles. (for more information see  MA Machine )

    A) Decentered nozzle, different offset measures and nozzle outlet diameter

    B) Larger nozzle

    C) S nozzle, smooth or curly

    D) Standard nozzle for MA

  • 5) TOPPING

    Automatic tape topping dispenser, for chocolate chips

    Glass sugar dispenser

     Topping for chocolate pearls and/or pieces of almond

  • 6) BAKED

    The lines can also be suitable for the already baked product, with customized injectors and subsequent topping. See examples on the back cover.

Working Example

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